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Introduction - Senate Armed Service Committe Briefing on Skira Island Situation

This work is fan fiction for the upcoming video game Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising. It is part of a larger work that is going to be tied together as a complete novella finishing up just prior to the game's release. The game is currently scheduled to be released sometime between 5/26/09 and 7/1/09.

Senate Armed Services Committee Internal memo
May 9th, 2012
RE: Skira Island Crisis

The island of Skira was invaded by Chinese forces early in the morning of May 2nd 2012. Chinese Airborne troops were dropped in 3 waves across the island with close support from attack helicopters. A manned invasion of the island proceeded the next day to bring further supplies, vehicles and munitions. The main seaport and the only airport, have both been seized.

There are several high priority targets, such as oil processing facilities and oil drilling sites, that are still not in the hands of the Chinese forces.

The island is part of the Russian federation. The multinational corporation Bechtel has one of the largest and most sophisticated oil processing facilities on the island. A pipeline is being constructed to pump oil directly from Sakhalin to the Russian Mainland. From there the oil will be shipped to Japan. The Bechtel processing facility is being built and will be operated by the United States of America.

American Response
In response to the invasion, The US Marines have dispatched the 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit, on board an amphibious assault vessel. An amphibious invasion should commence within the next 24 to 48 hours. Sea lanes are being established now to allow the necessary naval ships to get close enough to the island to make a successful landing.

Following that up will be the 3rd Marine Expeditionary Force. That will bring the total number of servicemen and women on the island to 20,000. At this time, that is the extent of military power willing to be committed to this situation.

Current situation on the island
Elements of the 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion, dispatched from the USS Peleliu, are on the ground on Skira Island at this time. The USS George Washington Aircraft Carrier battle group has moved into position around the island and has been supporting close ground combat coordination for the Recon teams on the ground.

Chinese island defenses include Song Class attack submarines which have prevented the fleet from coming within 200 Kilometers of the island. The Russian Federation Udaloy I class Destroyer Admiral Tributs, was crippled on May 5th by a Song Class Submarine. Russian ships have engaged two other Song Class submarines since.

Chinese Anti-satellite technology has disabled 90% of our satellite capabilities in the region. We are currently working to fix the solution but as of now, our troops are without satellite photography of any kind. However, GPS Satellite technology has been temporarily restored.

US Casualties to date:
3 F18 Hornets were shot down. 1 crippled. Total of 6 Marine Aviators.
1 E-3 Sentry USAF Awac plane was shot down carrying 24 crewmen

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